Kevin R. Hantosh

Professional Background

Electrical Engineer - Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northern Illinois University
System engineering, Semiconductors and Fabrication, High Frequency RF, Power Systems, Controls

State of Illinois Registered Engineering Intern (Precursor to Professional Engineer License)

System Engineering / Prototype and Product Development.  I have experience in  Gaming, Food & Beverage, Construction, and Industrial Inspection industries.  I have an entrepreneur type attitude and strongly believe that nothing is impossible, just because it just hasn't been done yet.  Even the largest companies in the world were started with "just an idea"...

I am always open to new or different opportunities that may present themselves.  After all, some of the best opportunities happen by accident or through various relationships that develop.

I love what I do and feel that being an engineer is a calling and not a career.  I'm proud to tell others that "Yes, I'm an engineer" and answer the 1.7 million questions that follows with a smile on my face!

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